Community Grants


Our community grants scheme is designed to support local community organisations, charities and CICs delivering services within Thurcroft, Brampton en-le Morthen and Laughton Common. We will consider one application per organisation each financial year (1st April to 31st March) but will not consider applications from individuals.

It is recommended that applicants thoroughly read the council’s grants policy before making an application and where necessary contact the Clerk for advice on your application.

The council will not fund salaries, hospitality, religious organisations (except for non-religious activities), core school expenditure or projects with party political links.

Ready to apply?

Applications for grants should download the application form and submit by email to:

Download the application form (Word)

Our Funding Objectives

We look for projects to meet at least one of the following outcomes:

  1. Provide improved opportunities/services for those aged 18 and under
  2. Provide improved opportunities/services for those aged 65 and over
  3. Provide a new or improves an existing asset or service which will benefit a significant percentage of residents
  4. Enhance the profile and/or reputation of Thurcroft Parish.

The council will score applications using information from the application form based on achieving outcomes, value for money, strong governance and fitting with the council’s strategic aims. More information is provided in our grants policy.


Read our Grants Policy (PDF)