How the Council operates

Thurcroft Parish Council is a statutory organisation and the most local level of government for Thurcroft, Brampton en-le Morthen and Laughton Common. The council comprises 18 councillors who are elected every four years to represent the residents of the town.

The council operates within a legal framework with powers conferred by Acts of Parliament (such as the power to provide public open space through the Open Spaces Act 1906.) The Council does not currently have the  ‘General Power of Competence’ which provides additional powers to do anything that an individual may generally do.

The council appoints a Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer who is responsible for the effective running of the council, the management of staff and the delivery of services. The Clerk is currently working towards CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration).

The Parish Council operates with standing committees that are able to make recommendations to the full council. They enable a more focused discussion to research into projects. Committees may also establish sub-committees.

The council may also establish establish working groups to research and develop ideas or oversee projects. These groups are governed by a terms of reference but informal – the meetings are not usually open to the public (and formal records of meetings are not usually kept) however they cannot make decisions on behalf of the council.

Annual Reports
Annual Report 2023-24
Annual Report 2022-23
Annual Report 2021-22
Annual Report 2020-21
Annual Report 2019-20 


Our Committees

To discuss items across the parish including benches, flowers, bins and recreation grounds.
Discussing any Events held by the Parish for Remembrance, Christmas and any other activities. Along with communication from the council.
They manage the facilities across the parish including the Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall, the football pitches and Thurcroft Cemetery.
Finance & General
The committee review policy changes, financial information and any complaints to the council.
To discuss any staffing matters for the employees of the council.
Internal Audit
This Committee was set up to discuss the recent Internal Audit that was received and to ensure that all actions are scrutinised and corrected.