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Thurcroft Parish Council is a local government authority. The Parish Council is responsible for local governance within its boundary. It's the grassroots level of government. Its primary purpose is to serve the interests of the parish including the villages of Thurcroft, Laughton Common and Brampton-en-le Morthen. For election purposes, the parish is divided into two wards, representing Thurcroft North (Thurcroft and Brampton en-le Morthen) and Thurcroft South (Laughton Common)

The Council are responsible for allocating and managing budgets for community projects and services, often funded through local taxes or grants.

We have 18 councillors on Thurcroft Parish Council that represent the interests and concerns of local residents. They act as a bridge between the community and higher levels of government. We will often interact with higher levels of government, such as RMBC, to advocate for the community's needs.

The council owns and manages the Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall in Thurcroft, as well as cemetery in between Thurcroft and Laughton Common. We support various other community services, including recreational facilities, public events, and maintenance of public spaces and playgrounds. We also have a responsibility for the upkeep of local amenities like; public benches and war memorials.

We play a vital role in local planning, contributing to the development of the parish. This involves assessing planning applications, land use, and infrastructure.

The council facilitate public consultation on local issues, projects, and policies, ensuring that residents have a say in matters affecting their community.

Every year, we will organise or support local events, festivals, and celebrations to promote community spirit and cohesion.

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