Vice-Chair Commends Community Support and Veteran Involvement in Remembrance Sunday Ceremony

Published: 14 November 2023


The Vice-Chair of Thurcroft Parish Council, Cllr Walker, extends gratitude and pride for the overwhelming community support and participation in this year's Remembrance Sunday ceremony. The event, held at the St Simon and St Jude Parish Church and Thurcroft Memorial Garden, witnessed an impressive turnout, with special recognition given to the Thurcroft Veterans Association for their impactful contribution. 


Cllr Walker extended sincere appreciation to attendees, emphasising their presence as a symbol of unity and strength within the community. The event, held at both the cherished church and Memorial Garden, served as a poignant reminder of the collective respect for those who have made sacrifices for the greater good.


Special acknowledgment was given to the church for graciously providing refreshments, contributing to the warmth and significance of the gathering. The Thurcroft Brass Band received a resounding round of applause for their spectacular performance, adding a soul-stirring soundtrack to the solemn commemorations and touching the hearts of those in attendance.


The Thurcroft Veterans were recognised for their exemplary organisation of the March, with praise for their dedication and discipline inspiring the community. Their contributions significantly enhanced the solemnity and respect of the day's proceedings.


Thurcroft Veterans Association, said:

"A heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the Remembrance Day Parade, with special mention of Veterans from HMS Intrepid and HMS Kent. Their presence was greatly appreciated, and it was particularly moving to see active servicemen on parade."

Thank you to individuals for their outstanding contributions, including Trevor from Thurcroft Brass Band for his brilliant rendition of The Last Post and the Bass Drummer, whose precision with the tempo and 'double taps' was noted. Special recognition was also extended to Ella Monroe and Sorry No Fish for their brilliant entertainment, adding to the overall atmosphere of the ceremony.

And shout-out to the Thurcroft Veterans Support Group for their meticulous arrangements, including decorations and buffet, ensuring that everything ran seamlessly. Their dedication and effort were praised for making a substantial contribution to the success of the event."


Cllr Walker also expressed gratitude to volunteers and council employees for their behind-the-scenes efforts, emphasising the instrumental role they played in ensuring the smooth execution of the event. Their commitment to the community did not go unnoticed, and their tireless work was acknowledged with deep appreciation.


On Remembrance Sunday, the gathering aimed not only to honour those who lost their lives but also to reflect on the profound sacrifices made for freedom. Cllr Walker encouraged everyone to hold the memories of courage, bravery, and resilience close to their hearts, not just on this day but every day.


In conclusion, Cllr Walker expressed gratitude to all participants for their attendance, respect, and collective effort in making the Remembrance Sunday ceremony a meaningful and impactful occasion. Their involvement, alongside the contributions of the Thurcroft Veterans Association, exemplifies the strong sense of community spirit that defines Thurcroft.


For further information, please contact:
Thomas Collingham, Clerk to Thurcroft Parish Council