Thurcroft Parish Council celebrate new benches in first phase of the installation throughout the parish

Published: 07 September 2022


New benches are starting to be rolled across Thurcroft Parish Council, with completion over the next couple of months. The council voted to increase and recondition bench provision with nine to be in Thurcroft, six in Laughton Common (pictured) and two in Brampton en-le Morthen.


It is fulfilling to see a positive project being delivered by the council, and a visual start with spades in the ground for investment that residents will benefit from.


Cllr Copeland, Recreation Lead for Thurcroft Parish Council said:

“Residents often request more seating throughout the parish and its fantastic to be able to increase this throughout the whole of the parish. Some residents struggle to walk long distances and needing a place that they can rest and catch their breath”. 


The initial investment was announced as part of a funding match deal to improve the local area and compliment the RMBC Councillors project with the Towns and Villages funding that is proposed to start development in the third phase earmarking improvements for Spring 2023.